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Why visit Velenje?


1. The largest children's festival in Slovenia - the Pika Festival 
2. A unique underground adventure in the Coal-mining Museum of Slovenia 
3. the Most beautiful and well-maintained castle in Slovenia – the Velenje Castle, which also hosts the Velenje Museum
4. The main square with the largest Tito statue in the world – Titov trg
5. The refurbished and state-of-the-art town Promenade
6. A water adventure at Velenje lake – Velenje beach
7. The world renown delightful chocolate of Čokoladnica Lucifer
8. The most beautiful Villa in Velenje – Vila Bianca
9. The beautiful collection of more than 2,000 minerals from Slovenia and abroad – the House of Minerals
10. The various infrastructure and fund for the young – House of bands, the Old Bakery, the Kuigunda Festival


- unique and nostalgic – Experience socialism in Velenje
- the path of the past and today – Along the path of coal-mining 
- hiking adventure around the castle – Pozoj's castle path

Velenje has the obtained the following titles and awards:

- First place in the on-line vote for the most beautiful and most hospitable large town in Slovenia
- Second place in the opinion of the panel in the category of the most beautiful and most hospitable large town in Slovenia
- A seniors-friendly town, 
- A disabled-friendly Municipality, 
- A Youth-friendly Municipality, 
- A Children-friendly UNICEF town, 
- The greenest metropolitan municipality, 
- Energy efficient municipality, 
- The greenest metropolitan municipality in terms of waste management, 
- A Planet Earth-friendly municipality