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Sacral heritage

The Parish Church of St. Martin, Velenje

Šmarška cesta 2
SI - 3320 Velenje

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E: zupnija@svmartin.net

Patron: St. Martin of Tours, a bishop

The church, which is positioned on a small elevation at the edge of Velenje, was first mentioned in the middle of 13th century.   Its present nucleus dates back to the middle ages and partly from the renaissance period, while the new part was built in 1874.  The building is renowned for its historical tradition and its dominant, elevated position.  The church is surrounded by remnants of the ruins of encampment wall.  
The church has a double nave, a three-sided presbyterium and a bell tower with a double onion dome and a vestibule built as an extension.

The Parish Church of St. Marija - Karmelska Mati Božja

Ljubljanska cesta 5
SI - 3320 Velenje

T: ++ 386 3 586 92 72,  ++386 31 218 346

Patron: St. Marija - Karmelske Matere Božje


The church is positioned on a small elevation at the edge of the old part of Velenje, at the bottom of the castle hill and is a typical example of a small provincial church, renowned for its decorative fixtures.  The church was first mentioned in 1477 and its core probably dates back to middle ages, although it was completely renovated in 1744.  Richly decorated altar dates back to 1744, built in a baroque style as are the pulpit and the organ. The two side altars are more modern, while the chapel altar dedicated to St.  Jernej is the work of Ferdinand Gall from the period between 1750 and 1760. The bell in the bell tower dates back to 1737.  Some of the decorative fittings from the demolished church at Škale can also be seen in the church.

The Parish Church of St. Janez Krstnik Vinska Gora

Vinska Gora 5
SI - 3320 Velenje

T: ++ 386 3 891 00 80

Patron:  St. Janez Krstnik, birth


The original Roman baptistery of the Škale parish was elevated to the vicarial church in the 13th century, and was completely remade in the Gothic era. With its numerous architecture elements such as vaults, pillars, highly ornamental bases and tops of arches, Gothic porches, four-leaf mullioned windows and remains of a Gothic fresco, still observed in the presbytery, this parish church is one of the most beautiful monuments to the Gothic sacral architecture in the Šalek valley. 

The succursal church of St. Andrej in Šalek

It was built at the beginning of the 16th century and is a typical example of late Gothic sacral architecture and as such is one of the most significant monuments in the Velenje region.  The church is renowned for its precious decorative fittings.  The interior of the church adorns architectural decoration while the exterior of the presbytery is embellished by a late Gothic fresco of the Mother of God. Tombstone of Rozina Uršula Ramschissel from 1626 is set on the external wall of the vestry.   The high altar dates from the neo-Gothic period, the side altar dedicated to St.  Vid dates from the 17th century with late Gothic atika and sculptures. The alter of St. Erazem dates back to 1767 with a painting made by Strauss The chest on the ground floor is from 1796,  while the bell in the bell tower dates back to 1505.