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The Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia

The completely renovated underground Museum of Coal-mining in Slovenia provides its visitors with a unique experience of coalminers, who for decades descended 160 metres below the ground to dig for the "black gold".  A variety of 20 exceptional scenes from the life of miners and 15 life-size models including sophisticated audiovisual equipment will bring the past into life to give you   During an hour and a half of a thrilling journey to the recent past you will see the mining machinery and infrastructure used in the last few decades of the Velenje Coal-mine development. The journey ends with an exciting ride on an underground train.  More informations at Website.

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The Velenje Museum

Special exhibitions:  A collection of African art collected by František Foit is the only collection of its kind in Slovenia.
When the new town was built in Velenje, the authorities decided to build a museum to preserve the town's cultural heritage.  The museum was located in the Velenje castle which was, as a result of war, in pretty dire state.  The first exhibition arranged in the museum was the Collection from Slovene coal mines, which was opened to the public in 1966.  Subsequently a model of a mine shaft was made for visitors to experience the mining environment.

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The museum houses a total of eleven museum and gallery collections, including:

The Kavčnik's Homestead

The family Kavčnik home, set in the small hamlet of Zavodnje nad Šoštanjem, is a precious  monument to the Slovene rustic residential culture  and an example of a smokehouse located in the most Southern corner of the Alpine region.  On the territory of Slovenia, smokehouses were widespread over the period from the 11th to the 18th century.  As fires were a common occurrence in smokehouses (even those run by the authorities), they were gradually replaced by open fire kitchens. 

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Gril's Homestead

The entire property is a cultural monument of local significance.  The cottage which also has an open fire kitchen and an outbuilding is surrounded by a meadow, kitchen and herb garden, an apiary, a vineyard and an orchard. 
 It is believed that the cottage was constructed in the mid 19th century as a small vinedresser's house on a viniferous slope of Lipnje and Vinska Gora.  Towards the end of the 19th century the vineyards were destroyed by the wine louse and these vinedresser's houses erected on small property became small farms. It is at this time that an outbuilding was added to the house.  

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The House of minerals

The House of Minerals has grown from a rich private collection of an amateur collector Jože Rihtar from Velenje, who has been collecting minerals for a number of years.


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The Museum of Leather industry, Šoštanj

In Slovenia, for a number of centuries, the leather industry was an important craft. With industrial revolution this craft slowly grew to become an industry rather than just a craft and become an important industrial sector of the first half of the 20th century.   However, due to crisis that hit leather industry in the send half of the previous century, majority of leather industries ceased to operate. 


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