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Sculpture of Marshall Tito, 1997

Author:   Antun Augustinčić (1900 - 1979)
The artist depicted Marshall Tito in a reflective state as a strategist and revolutionary deep in his own thought while strolling with his hands clasped behind his back.  He is dressed in an army uniform and a long heavy coat draped across his shoulders, emphasizes the weight of the plastic mass.   This monumental sculpture of Marshall Tito dominates over the entire complex of the central town's square.

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Sculpture of a Miner, 1948 - 1952

Author:  Alojzij Kogovšek (1909 - 1984)

The artists depiction of a Miner is one one of more important sculpture made soon after the liberation where the artist successfully realised his efforts to master a sculpture that looks as if in motion.

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A Monument to Nestl Žgank

Nestl Žgank was born in 1909 in one of the small villages in the lower Savinjska valley. He was director of the Velenje Coal-mine, Major of Velenje and director of the Town Planning Institute of Velenje, Nestle attempted each and every tasks with large degree of responsibility and impetus.  He devoted all his efforts to his work. Later on he admitted that at times he demanded too much from himself, his colleagues and even his own family, but he was always quick to add:  "It was the sign of the times".
The architect of the Velenje, was erected on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the town's centre.

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