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The Velenje Gallery

The Velenje Gallery, which was built in 1971, is located at the Titov trg 5. Adi Miklavc, the architect put the gallery next to other significant example of architectural heritage: the Velenje culture centre, the wokers' club, the "Ljudska univerza" (open college) which was built in 1957 and offices of the Velenje Coal-mine.  The culture centre, the workers' club and the open college are the work of the architect Oton Gaspari (1957), while the offices of the Velenje Coal-mine were designed by Aljoša Aljančič in 1959.

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The Outdoor Gallery

The outdoor gallery is one of results of EU project CityImpulses in Velenje. The outdoor gallery was established to make prettier and more livefull foothpath in the center of Velenje.
The visitor can see there different exhibitions from local and foreign photographs, with Velenje-themed photos. Every exhibition will take place at the outdoor gallery for aproximatly 3 months.

Sculptor collection of Ivan Napotnik at Villa Mayer

On the floor of Villa Mayer, since 2011, a permanent collection of sculptural works by academic sculptor Ivan Napotnik has been exhibited. A total of 60 works from about 400 registered are on display.

Napotnik is one of the most important sculptors in the Slovenian artistic space of the first half of the 20th century. He is known for small plastics in wood.

He was born in 1888 in the village of Zavodnje nad Šoštanj, where he later spent most of his life.

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233 steps to history of Velenje

In 2014 the foothpath to Velenje castle from Villa Bianca was renovated. The steps are now illuminated and at every curv there is a bench, where the visitors can sit down and enjoy the view.
The Velenje Museum have prepared an outdoor exhibition at the foothpath, where you can see the development of Velenje and whole walley trough the years.