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Castle trail around Velenje

For exploring the castles in Velenje we recomend you the Pozoj dragon circular trail around Velenje.

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The Velenje Castle

If you close your eyes and try to imagine a fairytale castle, your image would probably not be far from the image of the Velenje castle that greets visitors to Velenje from a gentle slope. The castle's nucleus was built in the 13th century, however most of what we can see today was built three centuries later when a court yard was built and majority of the picturesque wall and towers and a majestic renaissance roundel. 

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The ruins of the Ekenstein castle

The castle ruins are located on the very top of a gentle ridge South-East of Velenje in the hamlet of Gorica, close to the Šalek castle.  The castle was first mentioned in 1282. Until the 15th century it belonged to the Carinthia diocese of Krka.   In the 17th century the castle was under a number of different owners but was not inhabited and began slowly to deteriorate.  Today only ruins of the Ekenštajn castle remain and a few fragmented pieces of the castle wall, which bear witness to the castle's medieval design. 

The Šalek Castle

The Šalek Castle, located on a steep knoll above the hamlet of Šalek, is probably the oldest manor house in the Šalek valley,  and bears the name of the valley (Šalek).  The castle was deserted after 1770 and today the ruins of one of the castle's towers are one of the central points in Velenje.  The tower, most of which has been preserved to date, was the oldest building of the castle.  It is renowned for its shape with a triangular floor plan which is unique on the Slovenian territory.  Recent archaeological excavations have opened up the view of the tower's floor plan to its visitors.

The Turn Castle

The Turn Castle is located on a gentle elevation in the hamlet of Hrastovec near Velenje.  The castle was first mentioned in 1207 and as such the building could contain even Roman elements.  Although the castle underwent a number of renovations, it is one of a rare preserved examples of medieval castle building in Slovenia.