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The Bahor pottery workshop

Feel the clay slide between your fingers as you make your own pottery product. Learn about the steps that are necessary for you to be able to drink your morning coffee from a unique cup. All this awaits you at the workshops of the Bahor Pottery Centre in Topolšica, where you can watch how Slovenian majolica pottery or the “Kofetar’ca” coffee cup is made. You can also buy beautiful pottery products at the shop and take a nice memory of the Šalek Valley home with you.

Over the course of three, five or seven days, learn from the maestro to be proficient at exercising the myriad intricacies of RAKU. At the end of workshop you will be trained for the execution / use / design and maufacture many special features that are required by this attractive ceramic tehnique.

Ages 8+. This class is an introduction to working with clay on the potter's Wheel. Each student will have their own Wheel to work with. You will learn the basic tehniques of wheel-work and explore the cup and cylinder. This class is for individuals with little to no experiances.

Students will continue to develop their skills and focus. This class is intended for those with previous experiance. Conversations in Clay. This is an advanced class for students who are confident working independetly. The class will work with a variety of special tehniques.

With wine, clay /glass and a ton of fun! Join them in the studio for some wine, light appetizers. They'll teach you a bit about clay and you can get a little dirty - and have a lot of fun. No experiances is necessary. In each class you will create a piese of art that is yours to keep.

A remarkable workshop for the creative ceramists with a specific interest in the intimate relationship betwwen food and the vessel in which is presented. Participants will work closely with chef, as well as cooking the exqusite recipies that will be served upon them.
Topics: POTIČNICA - traditional ceramic pot for POTICA and KOKARSKI KLOBUK - baking sasuge and sauerkraut dish

Research and study of ancient pottery tehniques is Igor Bahor's passion. Based on his experiance, he procedures, tehniques and use of the tools from the past. Ancient Slavs, Celts and Romans will be your source of inspiration for few hours.