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Explore Velenje in 3 days

Spending three days in Velenje, you will be able to feel the true beat of this modern town and its pristine natural surroundings. Even though several attractions await, you will have enough time to enjoy, relax and recharge your batteries.

Your first day in Velenje

Begin your first day with a gourmet coffee under the arches of the renovated Vila Bianca. Ascend the steps to Velenje castle, where you will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the whole town. Take a peak at the Velenje Museum and its 11 permanent exhibitions. Stroll through the modern town centre, whose main square boasts the largest statute of Marshall Tito in the world. Take a stroll by the modern town promenade to the fairy-tale Vila Herberstein, which lies along the woods.  Children will love the nearby playground. If your energy levels still allow, explore the ruins of the Šalek castle, which is unique in Slovenia due to its triangular tower. The mysterious ruins of the Ekenštajn castle await just a stone throw away. End the day with a gourmet dinner and refreshments at one of the lively restaurants. 

Your second day in Velenje

On your second day, enjoy the Underground adventure provided by the Coal-mining Museum of Slovenia. Get ready to be transformed into miners and descend 160 metres underground. Enjoy a snack in the deepest dining hall in Slovenia and explore how miners used to mine for coal in the past. We then suggest you seize the day alongside the beautiful lakes that were created as a result of coal excavation. Today, there is an abundance of well-maintained trails, the Velenje beach, numerous sports and entertainment activities, lake and lakeside activities, boat ride in the summer, a playground, and much more. Take a 15-minute stroll from the Velenje to the Šalek lake, where you will be able to enjoy the Equestrian Club, the Fisher's Restaurant, the Town Stadium and the Galactica Wellness Centre. 

Your third day in Velenje

Interested in exploring the rural setting of the Šalek valley? Fill your lungs with oxygen during an active visit to Huda luknja - an underground pearl of Karst phenomena.  Recharge your batteries at the Lamperček farm, where you will be able to observe the stags and fallow deer. visit the Vovk mill and continue to the Tuševo Tourist Farm. We suggest you sample the home-made food and drink. If you have enough time and energy remaining, on your return to the valley, visit the Gril farmhouse with its black kitchen. Let the rich offering of the countryside and the hospitality of the locals enrich your experience of unhindered nature enjoyed by our grandparents. 

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