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Explore Velenje in 2 hours

Are you on an excursion and only have a quick stop in Velenje? No problem! In only two hours you can take a stroll through the town, see its main sights, and learn more about Velenje. We guarantee that next time, you will want to stay for longer. 

Guided tours

Upon arrival at Velenje you will be welcomed by the renovated Vila Bianca, where you will be met by a local tourist guide. Together you will tour the renovated Vila Bianca, which is also home to the Velenje Tourist Information Centre. Here you can take home some promotional materials and purchase souvenirs for your family.  Since good coffee is an essential start to any good day, you can take coffee at the Bianca Gurmanka coffee shop. After you have recovered your strengths, you will be ready to further explore the town. The new part of the town, Titov trg, is only a short stroll away from the old part of town where the Villa is located. Meet the Tito statue, the largest in the world, up-close! Go past the main town square and continue towards the newest part of town, the renovated town promenade, and finish your stroll under the fairy-tale Vila Herberstein

Self-paced tour of Velenje

If you would like to explore Velenje without a guide but could still do with some tips, please read on!

Do you like the buzz of the town?

Stroll through the modern town centre beginning at Titov trg and ending at the renovated promenade. Stop for a coffee or refreshments on the main street.
A hint:  The Lucifer coffee shop will serve you a home-made chocolate praline with your coffee.

Prefer the fresh air?

Take a walk along the Velenje or Šalek lakes, rest alongside the Velenje beach or have lunch at the Jezero Restaurant. Or take advantage of the various sports activities available. Tip: rent a SUP and take a 1 hour ride to ZOO station Velenje.

Interested in history?

Ascend the stops to the Velenje castle, where you will find the Velenje Museum.* Along the path, enjoy our outdoor gallery which presents the town's history, while at the castle itself, enjoy the 11 permanent exhibitions.

Want to take some time off?

Stop at the Galactica Wellness Centre and enjoy a massage, facial or other wellness treatment. Visit the Space bar for a nice conclusion to your quick relaxation. 

Enjoy ...

the Underground adventure provided by the Coal-mining Museum of Slovenia, breath with Velenje by strolling through the town centre or tickle your tastebuds.

For more informations contact Tourist information center Velenje.

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