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The Pika's festival

The biggest children festival in Slovenia

Pipi's festival was in 2018 beetwen 23rd to 29th September.

The Pika Festival takes place in september at Jezero TRC and other town venues.

During the Festival, more than 100 Pika creative workshops are organised, there is a large and small theatre stage, a fairytale and concert stage, the town hosts exhibitions, Pika's cinema, and a fundrasing event. The Pika Festival closes with Pika's Day. The Festival takes place in September of every year.

Pika is characerised by two red ponytails, freckled cheeks, and two different and colourful socks and oversized shows. Pika has won the hearts of the young and the old all over the world and is at the centre of Velenje's Pika Festival. 

27th Pika Festival

Author: Kunigunda