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Children's playgrounds

The Town Playground for Children

 The town playground for children is a spacious playground park where children can find endless opportunities to enjoy playing in the open air.  The park is situated in the town centre and is also accessible to the disabled persons.  From morning till night the well-maintained and safe playground echoes with lively children's voices.  In addition to a large number of playground rides and equipment to promote a variety of exercise, there is plenty of grass areas and little nooks where you can relax.  There are also toilets and baby changing room facilities in the park.  In the Spring and Summer, various children's events take place here. In addition to the town children's playground, as a children-friendly Unicef town, Velenje also boasts numerous other topical playgrounds alongside the kindergartens as well as the Pika playground alongside the Velenje lake.

Location: by the city center, near the Main bus station Velenje

The Children's playground at the Velenje lake

 The Children's playground at the Velenje lake is located not far from the Velenje beach. Here our youngest will have fun and excitement playing on different playground rides. A large sand pit is a real piece de resistance and a place where children can show their creativity and imagination while building sand castles, making sand cakes as well as many other beautiful and wonderful creations.  The playground, which is a part of the Pika Festival, also includes the fairytale and magical "Villa Čira Čara". 
 The "Villa Čira Čara" will be open every weekend (Fridays between 3 and 7 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.). There, youngsters will be able to view the inside of Pippi Longstocking's home, guarded by two friendly pirates.

Location: at the Velenje lake, near the Jezero Restaurant

The adventurous energy playground Mining village

The purpose of this playground is the children through the game learn about non-renewable energy sources, renewable and energy efficiency and energy savings. It designed so that their users will be able to with the help of its own motion, the kinetic energy produced by the light or in the movement part of the drive to play. This will allow users to initiate descent after the rotation of the spiral, with the sea walk through the tunnel lighting of the lights, loading carts, glow lights the lignite energy optimized signboards. An additional source of energy on the playground, it is sunlight, which convert energy into electricity by the photovoltaic panels. 

Location: "Sončni" park, lawn by the Villa Mojca

Tresimir's park

A children's playground is named after the character Tresimir. Covers a wide range of play for different age groups of children, such as 30 m ski lift carousel, ducklings on the spring, swings, didactic play, slides, sandbox, Castle with four houses, a tunnel, a swing with the network, climbing spider-NET and play for balance. Every child can find something to play with. A tree in summer days offer visitors a pleasant shade. The bathroom is also on the field. 

Opening hours: every day from 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM 

Location: Šoštanj, in the vicinity of Družmirje Lake