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Where to go this week in Velenje and surroundings?



Flower Fair (Cvetlični sejem)
All things flowers brought, put on show, debated about and of course sold at Velenje's flower fair, plus there are kids activities like painting.


Adventure Race
Crazy sport heads would be the only way to describe those who would sing up for this challenge, starting at the Slovenia coastal town of Piran and traversing half of the country by numerous sporting means such as kayak, mount bike, rolleblade and skike, not to mention just plain swimming (in the sea and rivers), tekking, caving and abseiling!

International Athletic Meeting
In honor of Miner's day in Velenje, the city's athletics club runs an annual meet in which competitors from all over the world  take part in a programme featuring the usual 100-800m races, plus 3000/5000m, pole vault, hammer, jevelin, long/triple jump and relay. The event is held at the city stadium.

Turist week
This summertime event allows the various municipalities of the area come together in its main town, conduct a round-table on tourism, do some recreation cycling and oversee a busy program of stalls and special offers at numerous public housses and restaurants, including a special 'open door' day at the Grill Homestead (Grilova domačija).


Jump over the Hide
Jump over the “skin” on 3rd July, the miners’ day which begins with a reveille, continues with the miners’ parade and ends with a symbolic jump by young miners into a “coal-black” state).
First of all, a reveille folk to the miner's day celebrations, to the see the parade and later the young miners' symbolic leap into a coal - back slate.


Festival of Young Cultures Kunigunda
A summer-time festival of youth culture is held in the streets and public spaces of Velenje. From an old female name of Germanic origin (derived from the words for 'clan and war'), Kunigunda brings together a host of artisitc endeavours and binds them in a week's worth of performance, learning, fun and awe.

“Starotrški dan v Šaleku”
The old borough market day is not a thing of the past in Velenje, at least in its old form, but is revived every year, calling all from the Šalek vally to Šalek square (Trg v Šaleku) in Velenju for a day of artisans and craftsmen hawking their wares.

Family weekend at Tuševo Turist Farm
Oraganised by the local turist board of Vinska Gora, this is a weekend of family fun at the wondrfully rural farmhouse of young family of five, not far from Velenje. A must if you've never been to a turist farm

Medieval Day on Velenje Castle
The Medieval Day - held in Velenje Castle's courtyard and in front of the castle's entrance - offers an insight into Slovenia's rich medieval heritage
Above its town (to the West) is the castle of Velenje, site of grand battles, with sword and also, according to the legend, a top mighty four legged beasts. Yes, it's the well preserved fortification's Medival Day of wich we talk, testament to Slovenia's rich Mediaval heritage.


Pippi Festival
The largest child event in Slovenia with series of children’s events, a week of fun and games. Velenje is the location of Pippi’s workshops, Pippi’s music and theatre programmes, Pippi’s fair, Pippi’s school, Pippi’s excursion.)

Sunday by the Mill
In its sixth year already, the sunday festival at a traditional mill offers visitors a rich cultural program of stalls with farm.


Automn Fair 
The seasonal fair with the warnest colours features the customary stalls of diverse local offerings, and also workshops for kids, a goulash cooking competition (and no doubt tasting), art workshops and open air exhibitions.


Merry December Fair
The whole of December is merry in Slovenia, and a festival fair comes to Velenje one Saturday morning that month, with stalls of local treats, gifts and a lively program. Mulled wine is a must.

Farmer's Market
Selling homemade food: Every Saturday in month.Traditional farmers music event:  Every first Saturday of month.


Flower fair

International athletic Meeting

Adventure race Slovenia

Jump over the hide

Old castle Šalek

Festival of Young Cultures Kunigunda

Family weekend at Tuševo Turist Farm

Medieval Day on Velenje Castle

Pippi Festival

Sunday by the Mill

Autumn Fair

Merry December Fair

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