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Relaxation in Velenje

Would you like to visit the sights of Velenje and the Šaleška Valley? Come and join us!

We will gather at 8.30 a.m. in front of the Velenje Tourist Information Center (at the Red Hall) and set off on the tour together. Firstly, we will take a ride to the Coal-Mining Museum of Slovenia, an unforgettable adventure 180 metres below ground. A professional guide will tell you everything about the techniques miners used to use to obtain the ‘black gold’ from the bosom of the earth and send it tone after tone to the surface. In addition, the guide will also give you an insight into mining today. Your lunch deep underground will be a real “miner’s lunch”. After the visit to the museum we will drive to the foot of the castle mound and climb to the mighty Velenje Castle. We will pass the Velenje ski jumping centre and you will be able to see the magnificent biggest ski jump, which is no less than 94 metres high. At the end of this easy ascent, already at Velenje Castle, you could enjoy splendid views of our city and the surrounding hills. The Velenje Museum in the castle has nine interesting collections. Naturally they are open to visitors, so just walk in and find out more about Velenje’s history and its development. After the visit, we will take a short walk to the center of Velenje where our guide will show you the city’s modern architecture (Town Hall, library, cultural centre, the adults’ education centre, etc.). We will continue our trip along the Paka River, which flows through Velenje, to the settlement of Šalek to visit St. Andrej's church situated below the hill, on which the ruins of Šalek Castle’s defence tower lie. This castle is one of the most wonderful secular monuments of the Šaleška Valley.  Our next stop will be Vila Herberstein, a fine example of a suburban villa from the second half of the 19th century. It is an impressive and wonderful building filling Velenje citizens with pride. There you can sip coffee or taste some other refreshments. The trip will finish at about 4.30 p.m.

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