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A Diverse, Modern City Ful Of Charm


The city of Velenje and its countryside are neither big nor small. Its contemporary architectural layout makes it different from other Slovene cities. Its modern flat-roofed buildings, sizeable greens, impressive trees and neatly arranged flower beds fascinate every visitor.  Because Velenje is a city in a park, a city of greens and numerous sunny days. It is much more than mere heritage of an old market town situated under mighty Velenje Castle, which gave it the name. It has grown between Stara vas and the settlements of Šmartno and Šalek for five decades. Even though spatially limited by the hilly landscape, the city’s growth continues. Nature in Velenje will enchant you on every step. Go for a stroll around Velenje and Škalsko Lakes, climb the Koželj or the Graška Gora, take your time in exploring diversity of woods and mountain paths or visit Sončni park (the Sunny Park), etc..  Furthermore, an extensive network of well-maintained cycle lanes invites you to explore the city and its surroundings on a bike.Velenje gets beautiful when waking up, gets even more beautiful when bustling with life during the day as well as when calming down in the evening and finally falling asleep. Each day you spend in Velenje is a unique experience.



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