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Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking Festival

The largest children's festival in Slovenia

Slovenia, Velenje: 16.-22.9.2013

Two red pigtails, freckles on cheeks and nose, colourful socks and too big shoes – that is Pippi Longstocking. That Pippi, who won young and older hearts all over the world. Everyone eagerly expecting the start of the biggest children`s event in Slovenia- Pippi Longstocking festival in Velenje.

Each year more and more co-workers are included in preparation and execution of festival and also visitors, that one with pigtails, freckles and colourful long stocking, are coming in greater numbers. But one thing remains; the festival has always been dedicated to children and their parents. Its events increase children imagination and creativity, offer numerous educational resources, strengthen feeling for fellow human being and humanity, makes new friendships, drive young people to tolerance and acceptance of diversity and strengthening ties between different generations.

More than one hundred Pippi's creative workshops operating during the festival, three stages for theatrical performances, more stages in the central arena, exhibitions, Pippi's cinema and also humanitarian action is organized. Pippi Longstocking festival ends with Pippi’s day. Creative workshops will be especially artistically oriented.

Especially for you, we prepared also Pippi Longstocking adventure which includes (more info in attachment).


Pippi festival, which has grown from one-day event into the largest children's event in Slovenia within the last 23 years, is held in Velenje. In 1990 the coworkers of the Intercommunal Association: Friends of Youth and the cultural centre Ivan Napotnik Velenje first organized the interesting, creative and spirited day for the children, and named it after a popular book heroine. Soon events began to grow with the the new content and many new employees in the organization.

The festival has grown to the eight-day event in a number of locations in Velenje and its surroundings. The preparation and execution of events each year includes more employees, there is more and more mass interest for the festival, which has in the past few years looked even beyond national borders. Even visitors, those with pigtails, freckles, and colorful socks are coming to the festival more each year. One thing remains, the festival has always been dedicated to children and their parents, and promotes and encourages childrens creativity and imagination, offering numerous educational resources, it strengthens childrens sense of fellow human beings and humanity, makes a number of friendly connections even across borders, driven young people to tolerance and adoption of diversity and reinforces the bonds between generations. Pikin Festival is visited by more than 65 thousand in the past years, which like returning to the event scene for years.

Pippi's Festival is the largest children's festival in Slovenia. During the festival more than 100 Pika creative workshops, theatrical stages, a fairytale and a concert stage, exhibitions in the city, the Pika movies, humanitarian action and other activities operate. Pikin festival ends with the Pika day.

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